The Lao Assistance Center recently had some great outreach with young students from Warroad, Minnesota along with with Lao Student Association – Minnesota, U of M alumni, to discuss their path and future.

It’s the first time we did this. The students were very excited about touring the University of MN. In the evening we took them out to eat to learn more about their families journeys, and then we matched them with older Lao college
students to have open conversations about the college, future, school, field of career opportunities, and so on. The next morning they went to Alexandria Technical College to look at the technical programs there and go home.

We have been discussing the possibility to continue this again in the spring 2018. It’s very wonderful opportunity for the students to see the university and have some ideas what they would like to pursue in their education.  We are also talking about maybe having mentorship pilot program with them.

We talked with  Mrs. Holly who is ESL teacher who brought the student to tour. We may go up there soon because there are some needs over there for us to address the issue such as  housing, health, education and and immigration issues.

Thank you everyone for supporting our work on projects like this!

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