Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement


Community go out to vote, and vote education


Community development and engage community about the county building the transit


Community dialogue with the city staff, county staff, and sheriff department


Community gardening to support the friendship and healthy eating and mental health issue


The Lao Center of Minnesota is proud to collaborate with Hennepin County on the Green Partnership to increase awareness of recycling and reducing waste. We are focused on providing information to the Lao community about the following practices:

  • How to identify items that can be recycled properly.
  • How to dispose of toxic waste.
  • How to eliminate dangerous and hazardous chemicals from cleaning supplies and replace with safe cleaning supplies

The Lao Center of Minnesota staff partners with Hennepin County staff to train Lao and Hmong ambassadors on environmental issue and the ambassadors train groups of community members.

If you have any questions please contact the Lao Center where staff are available to answer your questions.



Provide the leadership training to the young professional and to set them up to be appoint of the commission in the city, country and state official commission, also for the community base organization board of director.
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