In the ongoing efforts of the Lao Assistance Center to educate our community members about the dangers of smoking we have recently enlisted the services of local Lao Americans in the Twin Cities Metropolitan regional area to help us innovate, create and share videos and other media across the internet and in our community for the purpose of education. Please help us welcome Kelly Huang and Kerry Fongthavisay!

Kerry Fongthavisay is an alumni of University of Minnesota, a former present and advisor of U of M Lao Student Association. She has been a community volunteer for a few years, has been apart of organizing the Lao Heritage Foundation Music Camp and Lao Writers Summit in San Diego. Kerry was apart of a art project under Saymoukda to collect Lao Folk Stories and rewrite them. She soon discovered one of her passions is for writing and for stories.

Kelly Huang is a Lao/Chinese American filmmaker in the Minneapolis area. She’s mostly known for her documentary films. She’s also a full-time Video Producer at a tech startup, a part-time wedding videographer, a part-time production assistant for a community TV station and part-time travel blogger (it’s her new found hobby).

We look forward to seeing their results in the coming months ahead!


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